Dispensary Delivery Application

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Application For Home Delivery
  1. The Home Delivery service will deliver medication from the Dispensary to any patient located in the Practice Area, free of charge.
  2. The service will operate on Tuesdays and Fridays. Actual delivery time will depend on workload and traffic, but is anticipated to be between 1100hrs and 1400hrs
  3. The service cannot accept payments, so any prescription fees must be paid prior to delivery. 
  4. The service will only deliver to the Patients registered address, an alternative address, or store as entered on the delivery form and accepted by the Practice as a delivery point.
  5. Store deliveries are held for two weeks only and require a signature, next to your name and post code, on a separate list held within the store. 
  6. The telephone number is solely to allow the driver to contact you should there be a problem with the delivery of your meds.
  7. Safe location is defined as somewhere that is protected from the weather, animals and away from inquisitive young children. This will be assessed prior to and on first visit and if accepted will be used as the default delivery point as long as it remains ‘safe’ or until you advise otherwise
  8. If you wish to take advantage of the service please complete the Application form.
  9. The Application form collects information solely to enable the driver to find your delivery point and safely deliver the medication. The information is not transferred to the NHS Clinical system.
  10. If the driver has any concern when delivering the meds, that cannot be resolved at the time, the delivery will be cancelled and returned to the dispensary. Dispensary staff will then contact you to discuss the concern.
  11. If you have meds that you no longer need the driver can bring them back to Dispensary for safe destruction. Please place just the meds in a plastic bag and hand to the driver.
  12. The driver can also collect your request for the next set of meds, the form will be stored at the dispensary and processed, in time for delivery, as you become due for replenishment of your meds
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