Spring COVID-19 vaccine Update


Orchard Surgery is not offering COVID Vaccines during this spring booster.
NHS England will contact you direct if your NHS medical record suggests you may be eligible for a spring COVID-19 vaccine.

You may be offered a spring COVID-19 vaccine from April 2024 if you:

•    Are aged 75 years old or over
•    Live in a care home for older adults
•    Are aged 6 months old or over and have a weakened immune system

When available, there will be different ways to obtain your vaccine, including:

•    On line on the NHS UK website
•    By calling 119 for free
•    Going to a walk-in COVID-19 vaccination site
•    Through your care home
•    Via one of the community services

If you go to a walk-in centre please remember to take your invitation letter with you.

For further details please go to the NHS website and search for COVID 19 Booster, where you will find further details on where and how to book your COVID Vaccine

Published: Apr 22, 2024